Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl?

Should I care? I mean I have 70 something other channels on my basic cable. So, there are lots of shows on, some better than others, some not even in English. I don't know, maybe I just don't care for either team, but I personally see this year's Super Bowl as a snooze fest and football in general is a little boring. Except in the college realm, then I can actually watch it.

No one likes to be sick

It is true. Being sick sucks. Especially if you have the flu, now I don't, but my wife does and she hates it. Because you keeping getting worse, long before you get better. Hope it gets better soon.


I mean, I know why we have them, but why don't they just go away? I mean once you're out of there, you don't need it anymore. Maybe someone should look into this?


There is something about bacon on a Sunday morning that is so good. Breakfast in general is better on Sunday, maybe because you can eat at 9:30 and not wonder what happened to the morning, because on Sunday any time before noon is okay for waking up.