Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Do you ever notice no matter how things don't stay clean? Yet we spend so much money and time on cleaning supplies and cleaning things up. I find that as a species we are too caught up with being clean, although some lesser animals also like being clean, cats come to mind. Although people are clean discretely, in that they'll want one thing or another clean at time, rather than everything. Like say your kitchen could look super clean and sparkle and have a lemon scent, but your bedroom could be littered with dirty clothes and dishes. You know what I mean?

I just wonder why we clean everything so much. Why is our need for sterility so great. Are we so afraid of contracting some plague like disease? Or are we more afraid of what other people think? People who should not be judging us to being with. Did society create this stigma and are we stuck with it?

Research up and running!...almost...


All the machines in research are up and running. All the networking, works. I was more surprised at anyone, since I installed a good deal of it over the summer. There are now 64 Dell Optiplex systems, a mix of 620s and 280s. Plus 22 Solaris machines, 11 Ultra Sparc IIi systems and 11 newer systems. Not really sure what they are running.

Now we just need to get printing worked out, maybe. Oh and some racks and other misc. equipment.

I apologize if the picture suck, my phone camera is limited in its abilities.

Another use for duct tape

Well we have this floor tile with a hole in it and cables going through these holes. However there is all this free space where all this cold air comes through. We fixed that though. Of course we can't say that this will be a permanent solution, but it seems to work. Anyway, yet another use for duct tape.

Oh it is also really good at covering up holes in cement you find unexpectedly.

I have no friends, but it is okay!

I came to conclusion, or better yet realization that I have no friends. Now you're probably all thinking well sure you do, but do I, do I really? It is like I have no one to talk to about stupid guy stuff, you know what I mean. What's up with that. Although I suppose I should be very happy, I am happily married after all. I mean do I really need friends? I certainly do not have time for them, especially with school and family. So why am I complaining?

I suppose I just don't get it.

Have you ever said or done something that makes someone think you're crazy or stupid? Sure we all have, but more specifically was it something you considered alright or normal or not all crazy or stupid? Exactly, it is like, "why do people get all up in your kool-aid" when they should be fine with what you think. Of course I suppose I am over thinking this a bit too much.


About 2 months ago we bought a tomato plant and it finally produced a decent amount of fruit. They're cherry tomatoes, though the tag says they are a hybrid, of what I am not sure, but I would assume 2 different types of cherry tomatoes. It took a great deal of watering and care, but it was well worth it.

Seperate, Relocate, Re-assemble.

I almost this thing was not worth the trouble of working on, but since I had to do it, I did. We had to totally remove all the nodes and UPS's in the rack and move it + all of the equipment some 40 to 50 feet into another room. Then we had to move network and power cables across the floor. Then we had to install the old UPS's as well as some new UPSs. Of course, we then find out, hey this big UPS is broken. Or well something isn't working. Then comes the best part, configuring a dell power connect 6248. That is one annoying POS switch, but eventually, with a lot of help, I got it all working. Though it took almost 12 hours to configure properly. Now however everything is up and running.