Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seperate, Relocate, Re-assemble.

I almost this thing was not worth the trouble of working on, but since I had to do it, I did. We had to totally remove all the nodes and UPS's in the rack and move it + all of the equipment some 40 to 50 feet into another room. Then we had to move network and power cables across the floor. Then we had to install the old UPS's as well as some new UPSs. Of course, we then find out, hey this big UPS is broken. Or well something isn't working. Then comes the best part, configuring a dell power connect 6248. That is one annoying POS switch, but eventually, with a lot of help, I got it all working. Though it took almost 12 hours to configure properly. Now however everything is up and running.