Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pretzels and Sandwiches

So, you're probably thinking, Pretzels?

Well, yeah, on a whim while at Super 1 Foods I bought some Auntie Anne's At-Home Pretzel Kit.

So this was first on my list of things to make and honestly the directions were pretty simple to follow.

Below is the final product.

Half of them are covered in delicious pretzel salt, the other half in sweet cinnamon sugar.

I would definitely make this stuff again.

We also had some sandwiches, not sure what kind exactly, but I've been using this bread that they recently started selling at Super 1 Foods or I just recently noticed, Alpine Valley Bread. I can't say enough about it. I don't normally buy into or care about organic stuff, but this stuff tastes so good and costs about the same as a regular loaf of bread.