Friday, September 28, 2012

Apples vs Potatoes

I often see comparisons of windows and Linux and I think you can't really do that. I mean you can compare an apple to an orange, like comparing Windows 7 to Windows 8. You're still talking about fruit, but it's different. Whereas the comparison between Windows and Linux is more like comparing an apple to a potato. I mean that in the sense that they're difficult to compare. Apples grow on trees and eventually crash to the ground. Potatoes are already in the ground and have nowhere to go but up. Apples can be eaten straight off the tree, but sometimes they don't taste quite right. Potatoes are hard and bitter out of the ground. You have to bake, boil, mash, fry or otherwise manipulate them before they're palatable. Apples have a relatively short shelf life. Potatoes shelf life varies based on how it's stored. Apples take a long time to grow and are occasionally expensive. Potatoes take a while to grow too, but they're much easier to regrow and are much less expensive than apples, most of the time. Apples tend to be mostly used in their original form, but occasionally they're juiced, or turned into apple sauce or a pie. Potatoes tend to have a lot more applications and variety of uses. Apples tend to get worms, potatoes occasionally get bugs. You see where I am going with this? So next time you want to compare the two remember their not the same thing and that makes comparing them in an apples to oranges way kind of difficult.