Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Diet Day 11 1500 calories or why feeling hungry isn't a bad thing

You know I am slowly, but surely getting used to this diet. The hunger pains are not as bad or even noticeable as they were when I started. I think that I can actually eat 1500 calories a day and be content, although that may change when I can start exercising in full force or exercising at all. The heat is less than ideal for someone starting out on the exercise thing. So far, dieting alone has proven more than adequate. The most important thing is drinking water, which curbs my appetite quite well. I am still drinking about 10 cups of water a day. Mostly because of the heat, but it is actually good for me - the water, not the heat.

Diet Day 11 Broke 325

So, today I weighed myself, mostly because I keep forgetting to in the morning. I got on the scale and it said E... it is one of those pesky digital scales that you have to step on at just the right time or it can't weigh you. Anyway the second time it said 324.2 and I was stunned. I had expected maybe a pound or two, but not over 4 since my last weigh in. I think this diet is working. Of course I have no idea how many calories I was eating before. I could have easily eaten three or four thousand calories a day, since I now know how little actually equals 2000 calories. Of course I say little because I am still used to mammoth portions and lots of snacking. Maybe that is why the obesity epidemic is so rampant, you don't realize how much you have had to eat. In the end though it is a persons own responsibility to monitor their eating habits and act accordingly.