Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Seriously weather?

How is it that at 9 PM the temperature can read 99?

Diet Day 10 sometimes...

So today I woke up rather late and just got to work on time. I didn't get a chance to pack a lunch and my wife offered to come by and have lunch with me. I graciously accepted, but made some bad choices about my meal. Suffice it to say, I am having a sandwich for dinner, thankfully I only had oatmeal and tea for breakfast. Tomorrow I am going to try to stay closer to my 1500 calorie goal. Dieting is not at all easy, which is why so many people fail or give up. The key is having a goal and a reason for changing your life. Motivation is part of the equation and so are determination and perseverance. I personally refuse to believe that any one has to be fat. They might choose it, directly or indirectly, but it is something that can be changed. I plan on proving that to myself.