Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Diet Day 17 hunger and exercise

I have decided that this weekend I will start on the exercise thing. The weather is looking better and by that I mean cooler. I think I will start off in the morning with a walk, possibly with Oscar, if he's up to going a mile. Oscar, by the way is also on a diet since well I think he needs to be. He doesn't like his new diet food, but eventually eats it when left with no alternative. I sometimes feel the same way about my food. Although honestly I have not changed what I am eating as much as just eating less of it. My biggest complaint is fresh fruit and vegetables are so awful expensive. I wish I could incorporate a more varied selection into my diet. Although apples, oranges and bananas are good, it would be nice to have some melons, kiwi or grapes. As for vegetables, I eat salad whenever I get the chance, but that isn't every day. I also know that beans and pasta are cheap and filling, but the calories to portion doesn't work out in my favor. The hard part is that I am the only one in the house dieting so sometimes I won't eat what the others are having for dinner, although I am tempted. I am happy to say I haven't had a soda since I started this diet. Now to work on my sweet tea habit. I have unfortunately had some fried foods, but a very limited amount. The point is that I am trying and I will continue.