Thursday, August 04, 2011

Diet Day 12 Anniversary

No, not the anniversary of my diet, but the anniversary of my marriage. As such I went out to eat and did my best to stay true to my diet, until dessert. We went to BJs Brewshouse which is a relatively new restaurant in Tyler. We split a pizza Margarita (I am not sure if it is spelled the same as the drink) for an appetizer. And I had the pork chops from their light menu of choices under 550 (I could be wrong about the number) calories. I also, might add, had a mojito. The fact is I can't pass up an opportunity to try a mojito. We finished the meal splitting a pizookie which is a deep dish cookie with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. That was what sent me over 2000 calories today.

I should mention the day started off light with my usual oatmeal and tea. For lunch I had taco bueno, thanks to my coworker for buying. I had two chicken soft Tacos without the cheese and a 12 oz strawberry smoothie. All that was just a little bit over 400 calories. So the brunt of my calories were dinner. Anyway after dinner the misses wanted to go shopping, so I am writing this at the mall, as she tries on clothes.