Friday, July 29, 2011

Diet Day 6 - Everybody has a bad day whem they are dieting

So, today was a bad day. I have surpassed 2000 calories and have not even eaten dinner. Although I am not necessarily hungry. The main culprit was soda. I probably had the equivalent of a 2L of coke or more. Plus I had fries, part of a cheese burger and a funnel cake. In case you are wondering I had the day off today and originally planned on helping Chelsea clean out her class room, but she finished yesterday and since I had already taken the day off we went to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington. I should mention I did try to be good by eating a grilled chicken salad, but I did have thousand Island dressing. Not to mention I ate some of Chelsea's fries, part of her Cheeseburger, and part of her funnel cake. Not to mention I made use of my free refills from my souvenir sports cup, sure I could've gotten a diet coke or something else, but I really felt like coca cola. I do think however all the water play must have burned a few of those calories. If I do eat dinner I will try to keep it small and healthy and make up for it this weekend, trying to stay as close to 1500 calories as possible and doing some yard work. Of course there will also be some cleaning up that also comes with the weekend.