Saturday, July 23, 2011

Diet Day 0

So I haven't actually gone on a diet yet, but I have good reason too.  Today I purchased $104 worth of new clothes and because I am cheap I consider that a lot of money.  I bought three pants, two shirts, and a belt (not sure why I bought a belt). I then came home and went through my closet trying on every piece of clothes hanging in my closet today.  A lot didn't fit any more and I threw it all in the tub - I now have a bathtub full of clothes.  I am likely going to give everything that isn't torn to goodwill or something like that because its still good clothes, I just can't wear it.
I have to say that buying clothes when you're fat is a chore, and an uncomfortable one at that especially if you're like me and want to avoid the big and tall specialty stores.  I will say I bought my clothes at Walmart mostly because they were cheap and still carry my size.  I have found that most Walmart stores go up to a size 50 pant and 4x shirt in store and even higher on their website.  I currently only have to wear a 48 and a 3x but that alone is enough for me to worry.  I used to shop at other stores like Target and Old Navy but their stores don't really go past a 44 and buying clothes online is so hit and miss.
Anyway, I was going through my closet and decided to clean it up and I tried on everything, every pair of pants, every shirt, every jacket, every sweater - everything that was currently hanging in there.  I think after all was said and done I got rid of 3 or 4 pairs of pants and over a dozen shirts.  I also got rid of an Old Navy winter coat (not that I really need that in Texas) and two suit jackets.  I also decided to go through my shoes and got rid of three pairs I never wore anymore.
I know have a lot of a less clothes which is okay, I managed to keep all of my clothes on the smallest shelf in our closet now.  I was surprised however by all the clothes that still fit.  There was a lot.  I think I have maybe 6 or 7 pants now and maybe half a dozen short sleeved shirts and a dozen long sleeve shirts.  Plus I managed to keep two dress jackets that still fit and several sweater vests.
All of this got me thinking that I need to start losing it - and by it I meant weight.  I can't just keep buying new clothes when the old stuff stops fitting, who can afford that?  Frankly I am also fearful for my health.  I mean, I am now 25 years old, almost 26 and I weigh somewhere in the ballpark of 335 pounds.  I don't think my body is going to tolerate that much more.  I don't want to end up with Type two diabetes (although I am guessing I might get when I get older) and I certainly don't want to have a heart attack or stroke.
I have a family to take care of and I want to be there for them.  Especially my little girl.  I know it is extremely clichéd to say this, but I want to make sure I am there to walk my daughter down the aisle and see my grandchildren when that time comes.
So I have decided to go on a full blown diet, no excuses.  I am not going to eat out for lunch at work anymore, but instead pack something from the house and that's all I am going to eat.  I am going to eat Breakfast - skipping it doesn't really seem to help me any.  I am going to avoid fried foods and soda.  I am also going to practice portion control.  I am only going to, where possible, eat a labeled portion of whatever it is I am eating.  I am also going to try to incorporate my fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet, even if they are expensive.  I need to make these good choices now so I can teach my daughter that these are the choices she needs to make too.
I suppose to I need to start exercising, which I am going to start slow.  I mean I am terribly out of shape and sweat profusely doing anything in this heat.  I will likely start out just walking around the neighborhood, possibly with Oscar (my dog) who could stand to lose a few as well, and he like to walk so it will be good for the both of us.