Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SCCM 2007 Boy you suck

So I wanted to migrate our Forefront Security Clients to Endpoint Protection.  However, they want you to install that blasted SCCM.  Why does Microsoft want to make things so complicated?  After installing it I had to install various hotfixes and other random stuff just to get it going.  Seriously?  then I have to wait for the thing to discover my computers.  Hopefully once I actually deploy the clients things will go smoothly from here.  I don't have plans on using SCCM for anything other than Forefront, but that may change if the software actually works.

I will say on a side note, migrating my WDS from Server 2003 to Server 2008 R2 was far less complicated than I had assumed it would be.  Although I am guessing I will need to recreate my boot images, which isn't that bad a thing.  I need to reconfigure some network settings and then start testing.  In either case I am replacing a system that is several years old and past its prime, so I am happy.