Friday, April 22, 2011


Money is funny. Money separates us more than borders, oceans and walls.  Money makes the rich rich and the poor poor, but money can make the rich poor and poor rich.  Money can make us friends and money can make us enemies.  Money fuels governments and brings them to their knees.  Some say money is the root of all evil and others think money is the best thing ever.  Some people have no money at all and other have so much they don't know what to do wit it.  Some people obsess their whole lives over money, even though they can't take it with them.  Some people don't ever think about money their whole lives.  Some people have no sense of money.  Money can force people to do things they wouldn't normally do, sometimes good and sometimes terrible.  Money is the driving force in many people's lives, although they may not admit it.  People work for money.  Some jobs pay good money, some jobs pay very little.  Some people may refuse your money, while others may want more.  People always counting money.  Banks they want to store your money and make money from your money.  Crooks they want to steal your money and waste it, spend it, or make more.  Money can kill people, or at least the thought of it can.  Losing money, winning money, making money, stealing money, finding money, giving money, paying money, hoarding money spending money - its enough to make your head hurt. So much money and what's the point?