Monday, January 17, 2011

Coupons, Gas and More

I have started cutting coupons.  I don't know if I will use any of them, but somehow cutting them has seemed a worthwhile endeavor.  It seems that the price of everything has increased at a rate that my Debit card doesn't want to keep up with, especially the price of gas, unfortunately no coupons there.  If things don't start going the other way soon, I may have to re-think my route to work and possibly the car I am driving.  I am sensing that $3 a gallon gas may become the normal here in the short term and beyond.  I mean where I live it hasn't yet, but I certainly do see it on the horizon.  Money is one of this issues I don't really like discussing, but it always come up.  Just recently I have refinanced my auto loan to save money, in the now.  I am just not sure how much it will help in the long run, but ultimately, its about having more in the bank each month that really matters.  Now if I could just figure out some way to get rid of my student  loans without waiting 10 years or more.  Student loans are terrible, it seems you'll never get rid of them.  I am currently searching out electricity rates as my contract expires this next month, hopefully I can save some money there.  However water and gas are only provided by one company so no luck there at all.  Additionally, the Cable company raised their rates recently, so I am contemplating dropping several of my services and maybe just keeping Internet with Hulu Plus and Netflix, as this actually comes out to save me money.  Of course, who knows what I will actually do.  Then of course, there is a baby on the way, and honestly, I haven't budgeted for that at all.  I don't know how much anything is going to cost.  I am going to need to sit down and figure this out.  My goal and hope was to allow my wonderful wife to stay at home full time with the baby, however, right now I just don't think I can afford it.  I may need to take on a second job or find some other means of income.  No matter what, I think we'll be alright.  I suppose nothing can go as you plan it.  I just wish the future were more clear.