Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dell + Fedex = FTW

I got an Outlet Laptop from Dell this past weekend.  I was amazed at the speed of the whole process.  It took roughly one day for to be I guess inspected and repacked or whatever it is they do for their certified refurbished items.  Then it went out Monday night to Fedex and this morning it is out for Delivery.  Now the cool thing is it came with free three day shipping, of course, that means three days after processing which would have been on Thursday instead of Today.  So now at some point today I will get my Laptop one day early and get to configure it, wrap it, and put it under the tree!

I am having a baby, well not me, but you get the idea

So, I haven't really mentioned it much yet, but the news is true.  Chelsea and I are expecting a child.  We don't know the gender yet, but will find out sometime in January.  I am actually looking forward to being a father, I am not sure why I am not even the slightest bit hesitant or afraid.  I think its going to be alright.