Tuesday, April 27, 2010



So now you're requiring people to carry Birth Certificates on them? Seriously? This thing is going to the Supreme Court I am sure and its going to get thrown out.

Now look I understand the whole immigration thing better than most, and frankly I don't care for illegal immigrants I think they should all be removed from the country, and do it the right way. Like what I am trying to do. However, at the same time, is this the best way? I mean all you're doing is going one step closer to creating a police state. A totalitarian regime that wants to control who lives in their land.

There has to be a compromise. I don't think this works and I for sure as hell don't believe in Amnesty. I say, if I am going to have to pay for this and do the paperwork, then hell so should they. Stand in line, fill out the forms. I think they're available in spanish. Me I have to read the English version.

This is a tricky subject and can only end badly. For the record, you're idiots. This might be an election year and the fact is the people you're ostricizing can't legally vote against you anyway, but their legal friends, relatives and neighbors sure can and I hope they do.

My Hamster is Fat

and I mean really Fat. He has a double chin, so Chelsea says. He got stuck in a tube earlier today and I had to disassemble his cage. Now I don't know what to do. What if he gets stuck in the middle of the night? I mean he could die in there. Of course then we'll just pay $10 for another so what does it matter?

Is it strange to like having a hamster as a pet? I mean there fairly easy maintenance, but only in that they don't do much. Of course my dog would much rather eat him, for reasons I don't quite understand. Also the hamster is about 1 and a half years old so how much more time can he have?

Oh well, until that time arises, I'm sure I'll have to rescue him again. Hamsters, they're hilarious. Buy one, but take care of it. Give it a good home.