Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Personal Status Update

You know its been a long couple of weeks. This week has been good though. Got my car back, after a minor spat on the road (no one was injured, just a little shaken). All moved in to my new house. Keeping my head above water. Its all in all really good. I think for the first time in a while everything is going good and going track. Additionally the job is going well, although my shift keeps changing, not that I mind leaving early. All in all its good. Now I just need to get my second car repaired, which should be happening soon. Oscar, thats my dog, is adjusting to this really well too, although he doesn't like going in the back yard by himself so I have to walk out there with him. I think that however is a small sacrifice, over all. There is something nice about home ownership.

FYI, my wife is awesome and I am not just posting that because she wanted me to.