Friday, April 10, 2009


So, I have discovered I like to blog again.  I didn't do it for a while or did it sparingly because it just seemed to take up time.  However, I have since discovered that blogger lets you send new entries via email by making a special address to send it too.  Neat, huh?  Well I am using this in full force so now I simply check my email and send a new entry to my blog.  How fun is that? 



Shopping is hard.  Let me tell you.  I have been out shopping since sometime after 10 this morning.  Although I have been up since about 6 AM.  Had my final job related issues to take care of.  Either way, shopping is tiring.  Holding all those clothes and bags.  Walking through seas of people.  I just don't see why people like it all.  Give me Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning any day and I would take that over any Friday at the mall or other Womens clothing or Department store for that matter.  And lest I forget, shopping is expensive.  The more you shop the more you spend.  Odd how that works.  Well at least someone is happy, besides the retailer of course. 



So, after all this, I have decided to go with Debian.  I am currently in the process of downloading the 5 DVDs to install with.  Although I could just use the first and then get everything else from mirrors, I like having software available in this way.  I am going to first test it out in VMware Workstation and then decide if it will replace my OpenSuse.  I personally look forward to testing it.