Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I am looking for a new distro.  I am currently using OpenSuse and Vista.  Mostly because well I have all this software and I don't feel like not using it, you know what I mean.  Anyway I am tired of OpenSuse.  Not that there is anything wrong with it.  I just want to play around with some other options.  I want to look at the new Fedora 11, but I will wait for the full release as I am not always fond of betas.  In the mean time I thought I would look at Debian and Slackware.  I have never used either and think it will be fun to take a look at them.  Also, don't even try to suggest Ubuntu or a derivative, I can't stand that stuff.  Ubuntu, in my humble opinion, is like Linux of the Windows user, and what I mean by that is it isn't for serious linux users.  It's for people who want to try this neat cool thing, but really want to keep using their XP machines to play their games.  I am also going to take a non serious look at OmniaXP, simply because it intrigued me how much its creator wanted it to like XP.  I think it might be fun to play with, but not use.  Although I was talking to a friend yesterday and we thought it would be funny to play a prank on someone using this software suite and making them think they are using Windows XP, instead of some homebrew linux.  Although I am guessing it is based on something, though it could be its own distro, I don't really know.  Either way I will be posting some screen caps and reviews of my experiences and I will take into account the fact that I am going to be doing all this virtually, thanks to VMware Workstation.