Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter: The Aftermath

So, we get there, to the church that I mentioned earlier.  We were supposed to be there by 1.  We got there like 5 minutes late.  While we were in the parking lot, not 2 minutes from getting our food on the tables, the lousy people inside couldn't even wait for us to say the blessing.  They went ahead and said the blessing and started scarfing down their gross ass food.  Which let me tell you, someone actually brought Meatloaf to Easter.  Meatloaf!?!  Anyway to give you an idea of how much these other people sucked.  While we were eating, several of those other people went bag with Styrofoam containers and started making to go boxes.  So how am I supposed to get seconds and thirds.  Also their food was SO gross.  We tried to only eat food prepared by people we knew.  There was some sort of potato salad there that looked like it came from one of those grocery store tubs.  They also had one of those frozen pies, that you just thaw and serve and some gross cupcakes.  Other than that it went okay.  It just took a while to get it all done.