Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cancelled TV Shows

Cancelled 2007-2008 Season (USA)

From The TV IV

The following shows have been either cancelled or pulled from the schedule during the 2007–2008 television season. Shows in italics have been pulled from the schedule with no announced plans for future airings but have not been officially cancelled.



* Big Shots (2 unaired episodes)
* Carpoolers
* Cashmere Mafia
* Cavemen (7 unaired episodes)
* Dance Machine (2 unaired episodes)
* Just for Laughs
* Men in Trees
* Miss Guided
* Notes from the Underbelly (1 unaired episode)
* October Road
* Oprah's Big Give
* Women's Murder Club


* Cane
* Jericho
* Kid Nation
* Moonlight
* Power of 10
* Secret Talents of the Stars
* Shark
* Viva Laughlin
* Welcome to the Captain

The CW

* Aliens in America
* The Batman
* Beauty and the Geek
* Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants
* CW Now
* Eight Days a Week (unaired)
* Friday Night SmackDown! (moving to MyNetworkTV at end of summer)
* Girlfriends
* Legion of Super Heroes
* Life Is Wild
* Online Nation
* Pussycat Dolls Present


* Back to You‎
* Canterbury's Law‎
* K-Ville
* Nashville
* New Amsterdam
* The Next Great American Band
* The Return of Jezebel James (4 unaired episodes)
* Unhitched
* When Women Rule the World (unaired)


* Control Room Presents
* Decision House


* 1 vs. 100
* Amne$ia
* Bionic Woman
* Clash of the Choirs
* The IT Crowd (no episodes aired)
* Journeyman
* Las Vegas
* My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad
* Phenomenon
* quarterlife (5 unaired episodes aired on Bravo, could still continue on MySpace)
* Scrubs (moving to ABC for its final season)
* The Singing Bee (3 unaired episodes)
* World Moves (no episodes aired)


* In the Loop with iVillage
* Judge Hatchett (reruns will still be syndicated)
* Judge Maria Lopez
* The Montel Williams Show (package of "Best of Montel" will still be syndicated)


The following shows were officially cancelled or ended during the 2007-2008 season.


* Confessions of a Matchmaker
* Driving Force
* Jackpot Diaries

ABC Family

* Wildfire

BBC America

* Life on Mars


* Ballers
* Exalted!
* We Got to Do Better
* S.O.B.: Socially Offensive Behavior


* Better Half
* Hey Paula
* Queer Eye
* Welcome to the Parker

Comedy Central

* Drawn Together
* The Showbiz Show with David Spade

DirectTV 101

* Passions (final episode will air August 11, 2008)


* The Contender (Moving to Versus)

Food Network

* 2 Dudes Catering


* Dirt


* 12 Miles of Bad Road (no episodes aired)
* Inside the NFL (moving to Showtime)
* The Wire


* America's Psychic Challenge
* Blood Ties
* Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead
* Matched in Manhattan
* Side Order of Life
* State of Mind
* Top This Party


* Kaya
* Two-a-Days

The N

* About a Girl
* Instant Star


* Danny Phantom
* Zoey 101


* The Bad Girls Road Trip
* Fight Girls
* Janice & Abbey
* Monique's Fat Chance

Sci Fi Channel

* Flash Gordon
* Guinea Pig (second season aired in Canada)
* Painkiller Jane
* Who Wants to Be a Superhero?


* Masters of Horror


* Flip That House


* The 4400
* Dr. Steve-O
* The Dead Zone


* Flavor of Love
* Hogan Knows Best
* I Love New York

Some of you will be missed, but all in all, not really surprised.

Wal-Mart 4GB Flash Drive Cheap

So you may have clicked on the link and seen this drive is still $30. However I found the exact same one in stores for $19.88. And it's 2GB cousing was only $12.88. Considering my largest drive is a several years old 512MB, also Sandisk. I decided 4GB at this price, not bad at all. So the moral of the story is always check to see if things are on sale and if they are, buy them.

Update: I did notice however Wal-Mart has a Kingston 4GB DataTraveler 100 USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $19.88. However, from personal experience of having owned a 1GB Data Traveler several years ago I can't really recommend this product, although it is cheap.

Orson Scott Card's 'Ender's Game' Review Chapters 1-5

So, I picked up Ender's Game at Barnes and Noble yesterday for a reasonable $6.99. I had heard good things and figured that I would enjoy it and boy was I right. I spent this morning before work reading the first five chapters. I have to say I really like this book. It's a definite page turner, always moving, but still deep into character development. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next, although I won't be reading more until the morning.

Additionally, in searching for a link to place in the title, I came across which happens to be a movie based on the title, apparently written by Card. Although it says pre-production, I for one would seriously look forward to seeing a movie based on this book that isn't Starship Troopers, which I understand was loosely based on this book.

Anyway, all for now, more later. Also I will give a full in depth review of the whole book when I am completely done, maybe.