Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where have all the fudgesicles gone?

Okay, so I like fudgsicles, (pictured below) however for at least one month now, I can't find them. At Wal-Mart, Brookshires or Albertson's.
I have looked every time shopping has commenced, but each time the search was fruitless.
Instead all I find is "NO SUGAR ADDED" - WTF? I don't want some no sugar added ice cream. I want the fatty delicious sugar filled chocolate on a stick.
That and some 100 Calorie Bar Variety or Triple Chocolate.
I WANT MY DAMN Fudgsicles back. Is there some conspiracy that Tyler Texas gets no fudgsicles? Or are they being sold out before I get to the stores or are these stores simply not ordering them.

Well listen up Brookshires, Wal-Mart and Albertson's. I want my regular old Fudgsicles (although I would prefer that they not be old), and I want them now (or at your earliest convenience of ordering them. Thank you.