Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Aftermath - Day 1

These are pictures of Chelsea's classroom at the end of day 1. I forgot to take before pictures, but let's just agree that it looks nicer than it did.

At this point we didn't really have all the layout decided

We mostly threw out old stuff, cleaned and organized.

Lots of things needed moving and fixing

At this point we are pleased, but know more work will come

This closet was gross and now its kind of better

Time to go, look at those neat desks

Look at all that stuff to unpack and sort

We decided that we really needed to use this umbrella

The one nice thing about this room, clean new carpet

The whiteboard is SO dirty, very difficult to clean

Those cubbyholes were full of stuff and the top was piled with things

We got the teacher desk set up, one thing off the list.

Day 1 was definitely difficult, we could not do a lot with the furniture until the late afternoon, because there was a large case of stuffed birds in the room, gross, but we eventually got it all done - or at least all we could do that day.