Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wal-Mart 4GB Flash Drive Cheap

So you may have clicked on the link and seen this drive is still $30. However I found the exact same one in stores for $19.88. And it's 2GB cousing was only $12.88. Considering my largest drive is a several years old 512MB, also Sandisk. I decided 4GB at this price, not bad at all. So the moral of the story is always check to see if things are on sale and if they are, buy them.

Update: I did notice however Wal-Mart has a Kingston 4GB DataTraveler 100 USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $19.88. However, from personal experience of having owned a 1GB Data Traveler several years ago I can't really recommend this product, although it is cheap.