Monday, April 14, 2008


You ever feel like one day you wouldn't wake up? Like one day your life as you know it would be over? I am not saying suicide, in fact anything, but...more like just death, or dying in your sleep sort of thing. I mean is it normal to think about that sort of thing? I mean I assume it is. I suppose everyone thinks about their mortalitity, but I have to ask, how much is too much? Should people be thinking about these sort of things daily, I mean not all the time, but at least at one point or another. It's complicated. What the hell. Huh, I guess I am just over thinking things. I mean we all die, its natural, its normal, but what is about death that fascinates people? Well perhaps not fascinate, but at least interests people or makes them think about it to some degree. Is it that fact that we're self aware and understand the concept of mortality. I mean do you suppose, if you think about it, most animals have no concept of mortality, do they? Although some would argue that perhaps elephants do. I mean take for instance I have a cat, do you think for one moment, he ever thinks about death, that one day he'll breath his last breath and that's that? I am going to guess no, but I really don't know. For all I know he thinks about it regularly, but obviously I can't understand him, and I don't know what he is thinking. So perhaps it is a moot point to even ask such a question. It feels better talking about this. I've been reading alot about religion, another reason I kind of bring this up. I find that people have strange ideas about the afterlife as it were, I mean some people think it is open to everyone, and others think there are exact numbers and no one else gets in at all no questions asked, I supposed I should clarify I am referring to heaven, or the concept there of. I mean the fact is pretty much all of them believe everyone is going to go somewhere, probably more likely hell or some type of pergatory, rather than heaven. Of couse, it is all a little strange, you would think that with six + billion people, more people would think similarly. I mean I understand that 1 Billion + people share one or more common religion, however, I just find it strange that there are so many divides and sects, and other things that make people lose sight of the big picture and bog themselves down on minute details. This, however, is another discussion altogether. Well, that's all for today. I think I am pretty much done for now.