Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shortwave Radio

I have a little silver radio. Normally I just keep it on the FM. Let's face it AM, not going to happen. However it also has a shortwave receiver built in. It can pick up FM, AM, and 7 SW channels, so 9 channels all together.

Let me just say it picks up some weird stuff in all kinds of languages. I use it mostly to see if I can pick up something German. I have had the opportunity to hear stuff from Canada, Central America, All over the US, but alas I have never any German programs. However, I am hoping this will change.

Normally I just use batteries in the thing, but once I go past the 4th channel I only hear static and strange loud noises. So I am going to attempt to plug it in the wall. It says it can use a DC3v and I have this cool little adapter, if I can find it, that can switch between voltages and has all kinds of plugs to use. Maybe that will give me better range.

Either way, it is a fun little gadget.