Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Variations on an Original Theme for orchestra, Op. 36 ("Enigma")

Now, you know usually things like this don't interest me, but this does. Very interesting. Especially, and only because of this: "In 1995, Rob Dougan's hit song Clubbed To Death featured a piano part reminiscent of the Theme and variations 1 and 12, that could be seen either as a new 15th variation, or his attempt at recreating the enigmatic hidden theme. (An MP3 file with only the Elgar-influenced piano parts is available in the links for Furious Angels.) This song, and thus the Theme, was played on soundtrack to the 1999 movie The Matrix, during the "The Lady in the Red Dress" scene."

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Microsoft Expression Web

It really doesn't look that bad, and it certainly looks better than Frontpage 2003. However, I must say I notice some similarities. Either way, it looks more, shall we say Professional.

Just thought I'd share my opinion