Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Okay, lets face it...

It doesn't matter what the reasons may have been for the war in Iraq anymore.

Really it doesn't.

I am tired of hearing all this bitterness.

Look. Our troops are there. We have basically two choices.

1) Leave them there and hope Iraq gets settled with in the next few years. (Which I think is very likely)
2) Leave the country, pull all the troops out. I am not saying how this should be done, but that's the other option. If that happens, Iraq will become quite a quagmire. That I am certain of.

Look, if Iraq, somehow becomes a semi-stable mostly democratic state, (which I think is the most hopeful choice) I doubt it will make the least bit of difference with any other non-democratic countries in the area.

The United States is not a country re-builder. In WWII it was a multinational effort to rebuild all the affected countries.

Look, I am not trying to be political, I don't care very much for anything the congress or president has done lately, but that includes all of congress. I think that neither the democrats, republicans or any one else has a real, workable, good plan for this situation.

I think that the entire situation is completely lost. There is little we can do to make things better. There is a lot we can do to make things worse. However that too is something that will be viewed different for everyone.

I am not willing to make a complete judgment call. Just one on one specific idea. Judgment calls are for people with all the information who rationalize everything using the greatest of judgment, analysis, and impartiality. I can't do that, but I also don't know of any one who can.

That is the problem with politics, isn't it? There is very little impartiality, everything is partial and eventually everyone gets lost in the truth of the lies and the lies of the truth until there are no lies or truth, just the facts we have before us.

In conclusion, can't we all just agree that we can't do anything about it now. We just have to wait it out whether we want to or not and whether we can or not. This whole matter is beyond us now. There are other people who will make the decisions, based on their opinions, based on someone else's opinion. So we're lost and confused, but we know exactly what we're doing and where we're going.

Oh and just because I have to go there, whatever happened to the Osama Bin Laden guy? I think we used to be mad at him, but apparently we don't really care about him anymore. I mean I do think that he was more or less most responsible for 9/11 wasn't he? Or I don't know anymore, I am kind of confused about the whole thing, maybe it was Iraq the whole time. What do I know? I just watch the news, I don't make it.