Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I find that interesting 1 (Wedneday)

This bit is all about things I read and I find interesting. Recently I was reading this on Wikipeida (link in title) and I found it rather fascinating. Of course I read the associated articles as well.

Okay so I have lots of free time but look at it, really.

The following is from one of the links at the botom, I just thought this was especially interesting as I just didn't know that.

In the United States and Canada, TV channel 37 occupies a band of frequencies from 608 to 614 MHz. Channel 37 has never been used by any over-the-air television station in North America, as it was reserved in 1963 for radioastronomy and (since July 2000) for medical telemetry equipment on a co-primary basis. Channel 37 is sometimes seen in fiction, the same way phone numbers with the "555" exchange are used.