Friday, June 23, 2006

Bad Weather + Power Outage = Teh Suxxors

So last night, I still couldn't sleep and around 1:30 the power goes out. So what do I do? I go downstairs and eat. I got leftover dinner, mashed potatoes (they were very cold) and chicken (also cold), but I ate everything that next 10 minutes. Sitting on my bed in the dark. Watching the lightning light up the sky behind the tree in front of my window. Then the thunder kept getting louder and louder, and the lightning more and more frequent. Then I guess I fell asleep.

I would say just before 6 Am the power returned. I know because my TV turned on again. The desk lamp I had on turned on again. My fan turned on again. I quickly turned off the light and the TV. However the fan I didn't care about. The cold air actually felt kind of nice. It had been getting unbearably warm. I was lying on my bed for a while more and I guess I fell asleep, again.

Two hours later, 8 Am, my alarm clocks go off. Because well I forgot I had alarm clocks turned on. So I keep hitting snooze for about 15 minutes. Then I finally decide to turn those damn annoying things off. I readjusted myself and fell asleep again. I woke finally up just after 11. I get to see the second half of this morning's football (soccer) matches currently on ESPN and ESPN2. I am watching the TUN--UKR game, because the SPN--SAU game is kind of boring to me.

My leg still sucks. It hurts a lot less that it did, but the skin still isn't healed. That really bothers me. Especially with the unbearable itch. Oh well. I can't change any of that. Now I have to set the time on my TV again and the VCR of course. Probably my PS2 as it occasionally acts teh gay like that. Thankfully nothing severe happened. As far as I know no one was injured in the weather last night, but I only skimmed through the local news before I started writing. I could always be wrong.

Well I am going to go and get myself something to drink. Maybe some more foodage as well. I don't know. Apparently we need to expect more of this crap in our area within the next hour or so. Hopefully to a lesser degree though. I do so not like bad weather. Especially when my power leaves me and I am away from my RSS feeds and my Email and especially my Torrents!!