Saturday, April 29, 2006

H. R. 4437

First I want to say I am for this bill in the exact form currently before the Senate on this the 29th of April 2006.

The Bill has the following provisions as outlined by the House:

* Requires up to 700 miles (1120 km) of fence along the US-Mexican border at points with the highest number of immigrant illegal crossings. (House Amendment 648, authored by Duncan Hunter (R-CA52)
* Requires the federal government to take custody of illegal aliens detained by local authorities. This would end the practice of "catch and release", where federal officials sometimes instruct local law enforcement to release detained illegal aliens because resources to prosecute them are not available. It also reimburses local agencies in the 29 states along the border for costs related to detaining illegal aliens. (Section 607)
* Mandates employers to verify workers' legal status through electronic means, phased in over several years. Also requires reports to be sent to Congress one and two years after implementation to ensure that it is being used. (Title VII)
* Eliminates the Diversity Immigrant Visa (also known as Green Card Lottery) program. (House Amendment 650, authored by Bob Goodlatte)
* Prohibits grants to federal, state, or local government agencies that enact or maintain a sanctuary policy. (House Amendment 659, authored by Thomas Tancredo)
* Incorporates satellite communications between immigration enforcement officials. (House Amendment 638, authored by John Carter)
* Requires all United States Border Patrol uniforms to be made in the U.S. to avoid forgeries. (House Amendment 641, authored by Rick Renzi)
* Institutes a timeline for deployment of US-VISIT to all land-based checkpoints. (House Amendment 642, authored by Michael Castle)
* Requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to report to Congress on the number of OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) apprehended and deported and the number of those from states that sponsor terror. (Section 401)
* Formalizes Congressional condemnation of rapes by smugglers along the border and urges Mexico to take immediate action to prevent them. (House Amendment 647, authored by Ginny Brown-Waite)
* All illegals, before being deported, must pay a fine of $3,000 if they agree to leave voluntarily but do not adhere to the terms of their agreement. The grace period for voluntary departure is shortened to 60 days.
* Requires DHS to conduct a study on the potential for border fencing on the US-Canada border.
* Sets the minimum sentence for fraudulent documents at 10 years, fines, or both, with tougher sentencing in cases of aiding drug trafficking and terrorism.
* Establishes a Fraudulent Documents Center within DHS.
* Increases penalties for aggravated felonies and various frauds, including marriage fraud and document fraud.
* Establishes an 18-month deadline for DHS to control the border, with a progress report due one year after enactment of the legislation.
* Requires criminal record, terrorist watch list clearance, and fraudulent document checks for any alien before being granted legal immigration status.
* Reimburses states aiding in immigration enforcement.
* Housing of illegals will be considered a felony and subject to no less than 3 years in prison.
* Allows deportation of any illegal alien convicted of driving under the influence (DUI).
* Adds human trafficking and human smuggling to the money-laundering statute.
* Increases penalties for employing illegal aliens to $7,500 for first time offenses, $15,000 for second offenses, and $40,000 for all subsequent offenses.
* Refusing to accept immigrants from countries which delay or refuse to accept the foreign country's citizens deported from the United States (Section 404)

That is all good stuff...This is why people are in a tizzy over it.

It would be a crime to "assist" an illegal immigrant to "remain in the United States... knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such person is an alien who lacks lawful authority to reside in or remain in the United States" Furthermore, the prison term applicable to an illegal immigrant, would also be applicable to anyone who "knowingly aids or assists" that immigrant "to reenter the United States".

Among the criticisms raised by opposition groups are that it would unfairly affect over 11 million illegal immigrants and those associated with them, claims that it includes measures which create substantial barriers to community policing, and the claim that the legislation represents the harshest anti-immigrant bill in nearly a century.

I say BOO-Friggin-HOO!!

I mean look, you can say what you want, but the KEY WORD, is ILLEGAL. It stands to reason that if you are an illegal immigrant you should be removed from the country you are in illegaly. Or am I missing something??