Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For those of you who can't read french...

...Good, because I am writing this in English, so it doesn't matter.

First Matter:
1) Sorry for not updating recently, I have had PC issues. They are resolved. YAY!! Anyway, hats off to me...

2)The link in the title is a great website. Visit it and you'll agree. Lots of downloads.

3)JENGA!! There it is!!

4)Tofu and/or Rice and Mushrooms formed into a patty are not a replacement for meat. Okay!!

Enough comments/complaining.

Okay now something I noted there is a big diff between 3DMark01 and 03. An even bigger between 3DMark03 and 05, and a noticeable difference between 3DMark05 and 06. Of course that is all because of my PC. It sucks. I mean it is rather lame ass. I only have a 9600 AIW Radeon (I think it is actually a 9600XT, but don't know). Though my Proc is a 3200 p4 (Northwood C) plus the oblig 512 MB some odd memory, of course I have 1 GB, but I had to RMA a stick. What can I say, geeks sucks.

What else. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny is teh BEST flash movie EVAR!! Look for it at UltimateShowdown.org or Albino Blacksheep. Either is good.

Also Comp Org, those bastards!!!

Okay they asked us to construct an AND function using OR gates only, which you can't do, so on my paper I turned it, my answer was "??" and it turns out the correct answer is "We can not make an AND function using only OR gates. THOSE BASTARDS!!

Well, that is all for today. Good night, Good Morning, Good Day, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening. Depending on when/where you are when you read this!!