Sunday, November 27, 2005

Story Time volume. 1

Hello and welcome, to what will become, shortly, a regular thing here in the blog. A time when I tell you a story, except this time it is all fake. However it will still include observations I have made about things.

Today's story: The Attacker

So it was a very long time ago that a small village in the hills of Newfoundland were being terrorized at night. The villagers had little defense from these attacks. They happened without warning and cause. Or so they assumed anyway. Something close to a dozen people, well really women and children, were kidnapped from the village. After each attack men from the village would look and look and look for them. However none were found.

However one night, the villagers being pompous asses, exploited one of the women into being a decoy. So they could finally figure out who the attacker was and hopefully stop them from doing what they were doing. Close to midnight the attacker struck and being to burn buildings at the other end of town. Quickly the attacker then went for the women who was "asleep" under a tree. Of course this was too tempting for the attacker.

The attacker went for the women and just as soon as he got close, shots were fired from all over. He was dead. So was the women due to poor accuracy. The others were never heard from again, because they didn't think to ask questions and shoot later, instead of shooting first and then hoping to ask questions.

Eventually the colony died because there were only three women left and 6 children 4 of which were guys. However there were close to 40 men. As you can "that" just doesn't work.

Well that was the first gripping, nonsensical story.