Sunday, November 06, 2005

Mon Dec. 5, at 9/8C

I don't know why I am making this post but I am.

I am using the term Melon Farmer a whole lot lately, and that is litterally what I am saying, not you know two other words which actually is what Melon Farmer means.

Also, SF keeps losing, it is very depressing. I don't know why I keep watching and rooting for them.

They are losing right now 10-6, perhaps there is a chance.

Still eating that Maruchan Instant Lunch.

I need to name my Gorilla. I am thinking of a name, but nothing comes up.

Got some soup cooking in the other room.

Tommorrow I want to go to class, but don't know if I will be awake.

Oh well, enough for now, just remember to watch West Wing and Boondocks tonight. Good Stuff, eh!!