Saturday, October 22, 2005

Davis-Bacon Act

Well, I keep hearing about this thing, but didn't know what it was, so I did some reading on Wikipedia (link in title). Well first, it seems that the Bill was made to as sort of a racist law, imho. If you read it, you'll see that it mentions that some people were very upset due to some african americans being contracted to do something. Of course that was in 1927, so it unfortunately makes sense in that time period.

Anyway, the bill itself entitles that the workers be paid "prevailing wages" which seems to mean whatever is properly set for the circumstance for the bill and possibly other benefits. Meaning the workers will probably get the pay they expect.

So it seems that with the act being suspended, hopefully only temporarily, this would allow contractors to legally 1) Pay their current employees less for the same work or 2) Get cheaper new employees all together.

So how is that good for the economy? I mean if people who get too much money, in the opinion of their employers, get the boot for cheaper labor, possibly immigrant or illegal workers, where does this allow for the economy in that region to get better?

I'd love to hear someone explain it to me. Logically it makes no sense. Sure the company gets to save more the federal money it keeps to line its pockets so the execs can have that trickle down effect crap going for them, but again I don't buy that either.

Why can't this country's companies let their workers work for the proper wage for the job being done? Is profit and bottom line really that important. Have we reached the point where the worker means nothing to the company, but a nuisance that must be worked to the bone until the lost drop of effort can be squeezed out for a petty wage that could be so much more?

Look, I don't know what the companies are thinking, but by outsourcing and firing, that is the word after all (none of the pink slip laying off bull), employees they can't expect their domestic sales to go up because their former employees don't have the income to purchase the product they were formally involved with.

Obviously something is not computing on one end or another.

This is so stupid. Look, pay your employees a more than fair wage, their productivity (will/could/may/should/might = pick one) increase. If that occurs your bottom line should still be above the red. You only have to make a profit not a killer one. You only have to make enough to contine not make so much more that you don't know what to do with it.

Instead you pay just enough or less, your employee's productivity (will/could/may/should/might = pick one) be just enough. If that occurs your bottom line will most definitely be above the red, but your employees will hate you. You make so much money all the execs who probably have little to do with your extra income will get fat bonuses those down below might get a bit here and there.

Why? Is money that damn important? After all, we're all gonna die, keep that in mind. Now me I don't care, but from what I understand about most popular religions, your wealth won't make you any better off in the after life, should you believe in that hokey.

What can I say, you probably didn't even read it this far or ever read it. Shame on you
Go on make your profit. Just ask yourself why is it so important?