Thursday, September 08, 2005

This is what I have accomplished in my first four sessions of 2325

Well okay so you can call me pathetic or just plain bored, but I don't care. I honestly have nothing better to do.
Well on the first day I show just how bored I was with paint:

I then thought well wouldn't it be funny if I threw something together with the whole Harry Carey theme from last year so I did.
I started out with this picture of Harry Carey:

Funny, HUH?
Anyway, I then made this little picture, but unfortunately couldn't find a picture of Whitson to put in it. (If you have a pic email me please):

I then thought how could I continue to be funny and humorous? I know I'll make a spoofed University ID Card and thanks to 1 minute in paint here it is:

Now this is funny.

Anyway, I am gonna find something else to do, will probably update again before end of class.