Saturday, September 17, 2005

Global Warming

Now look, as much as I would like to say that I agree with the whole idea that Global Warming is one major factor for the slew of tropical storms and hurricanes we have been happening lately I just can't rule out other factors.

One of these factors being sheer randomness. Somethings, just happen. Sure I can agree that something is off. I mean we've had 15 named storms since the hurricane season started last month. (At least that is what I think). That seems a little off to me, or that is to say unusual.

Oh, and yes I am aware of a recent article by The Independent that pretty much says the Global Warming is past the point of no return.

However, I feel that though it does deserve some merit can't be entirely true. Also, I wish to note that I personally find that most of the damage we have done to the earth was from the beginning of the industrial revolution to around the end of World War II. I may not have any scientfic proof to back it up, but it is just my opinion after all. Further, we can fix this, or so I believe. It will just take a few things to make that happen. First all developed and developing countries would need to sign the Kyoto Protocols, specifically India and China, and subsequently the United States.

Then other matters would need to occur. We would need to completely stop the use of Fossil Fuels. Nuclear power would still be acceptable, due to its inexpensive nature, compared to fossil fuels. Of course with nuclear things a working form of disposal would need to occur. That is, we can't just dump it under a mountain. Now to make up for the fossil fuels other means of powering things would need to be created. Currently, I find that Hydrogen is the best bet, since it just loves to burn. For instance, this article about a new way to store hydrogen is one possible solution.

Of course the greatest solution, though it would never work, would be a perpetual motion generator and/or nuclear fission. Either of these two would allow for theoritcally near infinite and cheap power on scale that no one has yet been able to find. But now I am delving into areas of thought I know nothing if anything about.

Well there go my two cents again. Save them for who knows, one day they may be worthless.