Saturday, August 13, 2005

The unwanted blatantly militant rant

Okay, you know, this has been bothering me for a while and after something I saw yesterday, it bothers me again. I would first like to say, if I have ranted on about this before, I apologize, but I don't remember and I don't feel like looking back.

This nation, regardless of what any televangelist says, is not, and as far as I am concerned, will never be a "Christian Nation". I say this in no way to demean any religion, but only to make something very clear. That is, this nation was founded on a principal of religious freedom, which is why in the Constitution of the United States and the amendments that follow it, the words God and/or Christianity or any derevation there of show up.

And don't even think about saying, well the people who first came to this country were Christians. That is the problem, that is the reason we are in this mess. I say screw the people and think only of the documents that describe our current form of Government. Further, and I hate it when people do this, as nice as the Declaration of Independence is it isn't really a binding Governmental document any more. Technically it served its purpose some 200 years ago and then it was basically just a document. Now don't pull the anti-American card here, because we all know that is total crock, Okay! Sure that documents contained references to the Almighty, but you know what, it had to, it was a very passionate appeal. The constitution on the other hand is a "dry" document. It is intended to explain the role of Government, not much more. I may demeen it by saying that, but I don't want to get into deep philiosophical debate over the Constitution right now.

I just wish people would not be so ignorant and understand that. Now, bear in mind I said ignorant, not stupid. The two are not one and the same. I just wanted to clarify that.

Further, and I realise now this issue is slightly less relevant now that the Supreme Court has had its say, but posting the Ten Commandments on government property, in my opinion, is still hokey. I say this first for two reasons. Only two of the Commandments, can be connected to actual laws we have. Don't kill and Don't steal. Search the US Code, see for yourself. The US Code, for those of you who don't know, contains the laws of this country. Also, now I could be wrong here, isn't the posting of the Commandments slightly sacrilegious? The second Commandments says something to the effect of "You shall have no other gods besides Me...Do not make a sculpted image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above..." Now the way I look at this one is, you shouldn't worship false idols and statues and things like that. So how is posting statues of the Ten Commandments every place following that Commandment? I just want to know, because to me it doesn't work.

Sure, we could all use some blind faith once in a while, but when the blind begin to follow the blind, we end up going in the wrong direction. That's all I am saying.

By the by, if you want my little history on religion, I will tell you. I was raised a Lutheran. After I became a confirmed member of the church to please my mom, I became an agnostic. As far as I am concerned we don't have souls. When we die, worms eats us and that is it. I could go into more detail, but that should suffice.