Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bad luck? Baa Humbug...

I don't know why and/or how, but I break things a lot.

In the time span on 1 week, 7 days ladies and gentleman, I managed to fry 2 power supplies. And now I may not have my PC up and running until the 27th.

Now you may be wondering, "How did you manage to 'fry' two power supplies in the span of 1 week?" Well Let me tell you.

The first one was sort of just a weak power supply, sure it may have had 400W, but it only had 15A on the 12 volt rail, it was only a matter of time before it would fail me, it was extremely unstable. The 5v would frequently dip down to 4.75 and the 12v would frequently dip down to 11.3. Though my other PSU is only 200W and only had 11A on the 12 volt rail, it was much more stable. It never fluctuated more than .15 either way. I just happened to pull too much juice from the sucker.

Using my handy dandy multimeter, I found that absolutely no current was entering the molex connectors on the 400W PSU and it hissed when plugged in. That is it made a high pitched whining noise. Very disturbing. The 200W PSU, akwardly enough, gives me .4mV on the 12V line and 9.8mV on the 5V line, so I don't think that will ever start up again. Though I may have blown that one, I may not have fried it, I probably just killed the overvoltage protection and it won't start anymore because of that.

Anyway, I ordered a shiny new 460W PSU from where else, but Newegg. It was highly recommended by the moderators and my friends over at the forums. Go Folding Team 33258. Anyway, this new PSU is an Enermax and has +3.3V@35A; +5V@35A; -5V@1A; +12V@33A; -12V@1A; +5VSB@2.2A, so I should be able to power everything without any problems.

Well that is all for today, sorry for being so technical and boring, but who really reads this crap anyway? So until next time, don't do anything I would do, especially if it deal with your computer.