Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why do people idolize celebrity?

It makes little sense to me. Sure I have my favorites, and those I admire, but an idolization of a person is wrong, and I don't mean from a religious standpoint or anything like that. Surely we all know my take on religion by now. Anyway, those people are fallabale just like us. They are usually no better or smarter than the average person. And I am quite certain, to use an old adage, that their $%!& does in fact stink.

Yet, so many people idolize these mere mortals as though they were gods or demi-gods. Why on earth do they deserve so much praise? Why do keep them in such high regard in our own minds? They are but men and women, who will, like the rest of us, die on this planet and feed the worms. That is what that is.

I just don't see why we take people like Britney Spears, Denzel Washington, Katie Holmes, and the rest in this little bubble of "GREATNESS" when in fact they are just people. In some cases, truly only admired for their looks, not their talent.

It sickens me, these people, some think they deserve better, as though they really are demi-gods or the like. However, it is only because the populace keeps admiring that they get this bloated feeling. I mean so many of them have no talent at all, for instance Keanu Reeves, yet many think of him as some great and magnificent individual. He isn't, he is some loser and moron, who can just happen to read a script. That is all, in many cases that is what most celebrities are, the "pretty face", but there is nothing behind it.