Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What's so bad about a third party?

I mean, why is it in the U.S. that a third party is looked at with malice and disdain? Why are people so afraid of another choice, another option, anything is better than voter apathy. I mean sure last election something close to half of eligeble voters showed up to cast a ballot, but considering, that is still pretty damn bad.

I just don't understand the mindset, I guess. In so many other democratic countries, particularly in Europe, there are numerous parties, that have to work together and make compromises with one another to get things done. I can certainly say that sounds a lot better then the bitter partisanship found in the U.S. I mean seriously, what is so wrong with having another say? Isn't that the whole point of democracy? I mean no where does it say in stone that two political parties is all we can have, sure it may be all most Americans want to endure, but that doesn't make it a bad thing.

For God's sake most Americans are too stupid to even understand who the political process completely works. They have no idea all the things a Congressperson or Senator has to do, and at the same time they don't know how little some do to begin with. The whole situation is sad and disgusting.