Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monthly Shopping

We're trying out this new thing where we buy all our groceries, save a few perishable items, on a monthly basis. This got us to buy a lot of stuff at Sams Club. However we're also shopping around at all the other local stores, not that Tyler has much variety besides Walmart, Brookshires and Super1. Although we also got a few things at Walgreens and Dollar Tree. Basically we're looking for the most economical and at the same time largest quantity. The exceptions are Bananas, milk and yogurt, plus a few other items with short shelf lives that we don't want to freeze like bread.  We're trying to do whatever we can to save money. We're also trying to not eat out anymore and cook at home as much as possible. It's just hard to avoid the temptation and convenience of fast food. Either way we'll see how this experiment goes.