Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Been a while guys

Did you miss me? See the awesome thing is this. A lot has happened and so now I get to throw in my two cents!

FIRST - A mormon, seriously. Conservatives need to watch some South Park.
Or hell just visit the Official LDS website.

SECOND - Paul Ryan? I mean that'll lose a lot of the senior population, plus a lot of the undecideds.

THIRD - Whats the deal with this pro rape senatorial candidate Aikin from Missouri or whatever that won't drop out of the senate race. Was he born retarded or did he have to work at it. He makes all Republicans look bad by association.

FOURTH - All in all the economy is improving slowly, the healthcare reform is slowly making a difference, we're out of Iraq, Bin Laden is dead, We're almost out of Afghanistan, oh and Obama actually cares about the middle class. Re-electing this guy is a no brainer.

NOW completely off topic they got thr funding for the Tesla Museum in New York.  JUST GOOGLE Tesla Museum to find more.

Well That Is All For Now