Thursday, August 18, 2011

Diet Day 26 Salad

I have decided to eat salad as much as possible.  I bough some Fresh Express 50/50 Mix and that stuff is awesome.  Of course that best part is that salad has almost no calories - I mean you can stuff your face and not have to worry at all about it, until you add salad dressing.  I have been enjoying Ken's Light Cesear at 70 calories per serving (which is 2 Tbsps) it is really tasty and at the same time not that bad for you.  I usually eat a big bowl of salad with two servings of dressing and it only costs me about 150 calories and fills me up.  If I am still hungry I can enjoy a Yoplait yogurt (not the blue kind with aspartame, but the Original kind in the red containers) or even a sandwich.