Tuesday, January 18, 2011

331 pounds

So, the scale and I are at war.  It says I weigh 331 pounds, I say its a stupid piece of crap.  Unfortunately, no matter how much I threaten to remove the nine volt battery it refuses to behave.  Maybe I have to come to the realization that the scale is right and I just need to lose it.  Weight, that is.  For some reason I find that even though I know I am fat, or according to the CDC body mass index morbidly obese, I feel that I don't seem to care.  I am apathetic to my cause, even though I know it is dire.  I need to, in my opinion, drop down, first to 300, then 275, 250 and so on.  I just don't know where or how to begin.  Obviously I need to adjust my diet and start exercising.  I suppose I will try spark people again.  I think they're the way to start, because they'll allow me to track calories.  Of course, I need to start doing something, essentially my day starts with waking up, going to work, sitting at work for 8 hours, driving home, sitting at home either watching tv to on the computer, eating dinner, watching more tv and sleep.  Of course, that is a rough idea of my average weekday, but as sad as it sounds it is pretty true.  I think I need to start slow, just walking outside.  I like my neighborhood because I have noticed the circle around my street is roughly a mile, so including the distance to and from my house it would be a mile.  So I am going to start there.  We'll see how it goes as diets and I don't get along.