Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hi, it's been a while.

I have not posted on my blog in quite a while. Due to some complaints from some pretty annoying bastard I have decided to start posting again, also I plan on back posting events that have occurred, but will pretend as though I wrote about them right after they happened. For now this is all you get.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

So this was my day on Friday

The Short Version of the Story:
Our DS3 in Houston went down at approximately 8:15 AM on 09/16/11 due to equipment failure on AT&T's end. After several hours on the phone with AT&T we tracked down the problem. It was fixed at approximately 4:45 PM on 09/16/11, resulting in an approximately 7 hour 30 minute outage period.

The Long Version of the Story:
On Friday 09/16/2011 we had an issue with our DS3 in the Houston LATA.  At approximately 8:15 AM our internal monitoring system reported all sites in the Houston LATA were down.  Those schools include Chireno, Cushing, Diboll, Douglass, Excelsior, Lufkin, Martinsville, Nacogdoches, and Shelbyville.  A few minutes later we confirmed an issue with the DS3 and called in to AT&T.  After 15 minutes on hold we got a ticket put in, but were told it could take up to two hours under "ideal conditions" before we get to a tester and in fact at 10:35 we got a call back from an AT&T tester.  Then a three hour phone call occurred with the tester, where the AT&T tester and a technician was trying to, unsuccessfully, trace the DS3 Circuit from Houston back to our equipment in Longview.  During this three hours they also replaced various pieces of equipment where our circuit is located in Houston.  After several internal phone calls the AT&T Tester finally found out what portion of AT&T owned the remaining portion of the circuit they were unable to previously trace.  The tester at this time, 1:13 PM, told me he had to call them and would call me back some time later in the afternoon.  I called AT&T back at 2:45 PM not having heard from my tester for over one and a half hours.  After being on hold for twenty-five minutes I finally get back to the tester at 3:10.  He is able to trace the circuit back to Longview and sees an issue on some equipment at AT&T's Longview location.  A ticket then had to be put in with the AT&T Longview office as this tester was unable to do anything else from his location in Chicago, this was at 3:25 PM.  At 4:44 PM our internal monitoring service noticed that everything in the Houston LATA came back up.  Approximately 30 minutes later I got a phone call from my original AT&T Tester.  He got word from the AT&T Technicians in Longview that our circuit was moved to a new port.  This seems to have resolved the issue.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Diet - Take 2

So I am calling it quits on my diet - but I am also going to start over, on Monday.  I am going to enjoy my weekend.  So first some new rules:In addition to no fried foods and soda I am not allowed to eat fast food - that includes my Taco Bueno.  I am also not going to drink anything but water and unsweetened tea.  I also need to add some exercise to this and actually follow through.  My plan is to do 1 mile every day, but who knows if I can.  I'll be thinking more about what else I am doing, but it will likely have to wait.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not My Work, but I'll Post It Anyway!

I stole this from here:
My Friend James sent it to me, I thought it was a good read, enjoy!

I wrote this for a redlit article a few days ago. Took a while, so I figured I'd get some more use out of it.

Rocks are not ducks, no matter how much you want them to be.

Hear me out on this one. Let us say that one day you're walking along on a bit of a hike, and you trip over something. You look down and pick up a fist-sized rock. Being a bit of an amateur geologist, you're intrigued by the texture and weight, and decide that you're holding a big piece of granite. "Look,", you say to nobody in particular, "what a cool piece of granite!".

"Nope!", says a voice behind you, startling you. As you turn, you realize it's a friend of yours. Why he's out here in the field you're not sure, but you keep your composure and respond, "Yes, it's a dense igneous stone with a fine texture. Looks like granite to me."
Your friend replies, "No, it's a duck." You're perplexed, but you calmly point out that it has neither feathers nor a beak, nor is it by any ready means of analysis alive. It is in fact a rock, from the igneous family, and it appears to be granite.
Your friend insists it's a duck, because he read it in a book.
You realize that this conversation is going nowhere, so you take your rock, excuse yourself, and head for home. When you get there, you pull out your Big Book Of Rocks, and you realize that, as you compare the neat pictures to your rock, you've made an error. It's not granite, it's rhyolite. Pleased with your new knowledge, you clean the thing off and as you put it on a shelf next to your Boxee Box and that Beanie Baby you thought would be valuable some day (hey, we all make investment errors), the doorbell rings. You answer it, and it's your friend, now dressed nattily in a white shirt and tie, dark pants, and carrying some sort of pamphlet. Without benefit of small talk, he blurts out "See, it's a duck".
"No, it's rhyolite," you respond, "I didn't realize it had that much quartz in it until I got home. When I took a closer look, I realized it wasn't granite".
"You were wrong about it being granite, so it's obviously a duck. Do you want one of these?" he says, proffering you a pamphlet that appears to say something about the creation of ducks. You refuse the copy of The Ducktower, close the door, and go back to your interesting rock.

Some months later, you happen to be entertaining some folk from the nearby university. One of them is a well-known geologist, and she seems to be taking special interest in your rock. You ask her what she thinks of your rhyolite.
"Oh, that's not rhyolite," she says, "in fact, I can't remember seeing a specimen like that before. Do you mind if I take it and run a couple of tests on it? I promise I won't sample too much of it." You agree, and she vanishes out your door, heading for her lab. A couple of days later, she sends you an email saying "You've found a new type of mineral! This is really quite a discovery. You get naming rights, as long as you don't call it 'UFIAnite' or 'Farkelium' or something stupid like that". As you read the words with growing elation, you hear a knock at your door. Maybe she brought your rock back? Quickly, you mentally strain to come up with a good new-mineral-sounding name but you can't come up with anything better than "lovezombium" by the time you get to the door. You open it...and it's your friend again. "See! I TOLD you it was a duck!" he blurts.
You count to ten. In Sanskrit. Backwards. Then you slowly and calmly try to explain what the geologist told you. He shakes his head emphatically.
"No, you were wrong each time you said what it was. So obviously I'm right, and it's a duck."
"Um, I learned more about it, and each time I obtained more knowledge, what I knew about it changed. That doesn't make it a duck."
"Yes it does. My book has said ALL ALONG that it's a duck. My facts haven't changed, and yours have changed all the time. So mine are obviously more correct. It's a duck."

You give him a firm shove out the door, and slam it with some satisfaction. He goes on to be the Republican frontrunner in the next election.

Science changes as we learn. Religion refuses to change no matter what we learn.

And rocks are not, in fact, ducks.

Monday, September 12, 2011

My arm hurts

I keep falling asleep on my arm and when I wake up it really hurts.  I am guessing I am cutting off some of the blood flow due to the weight.  I don't really have much more to say than that, other than really hot water in the shower seems to make it feel better.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Diet Day 35, I think

It has been a while since I posted something, aside from the 49ers wordpress stuff... Anyway, this morning something cool happened, my scale said 320.00 - that is fantastic. Especially since I haven't been as controlling in my diet as I should be.  So since I started this whole thing I have lost just over 15 pounds.  The important thing is the diet is still working, I just have to buckle down and keep my calories low.  I think, I will continue to hold off of the fitness and exercise until it cools off. That's all for now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

49ers to Participate in "Come Out and Play"

49ers to Participate in "Come Out and Play"

Scott Kegley | August 23, 2011 at 11:52 AM | Categories: Community | URL:
Join 49ers alumni Joe Nedney, Guy McIntyre, Keena Tuner, Steve Bono and Dennis Brown at the Spirit of Santa Clara: Come Out and Play on Tuesday, September 6.
The Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce is teaming up with the 49ers as well as the San Jose Sharks, San Jose Earthquakes and Oakland Athletics to celebrate the spirit of professional sports in the region.
The event will be held at the Fourth Street Summit Center (88 S. Fourth Street) in San Jose, from 11:30-1:30 pm.
Individual tickets to the event are $100 and tables can be purchased for $1,000. Attendees will be served lunch and have the chance to win a "road trip" to their favorite team. To purchase tickets, call 408-291-5281.

Monday, August 22, 2011

49ers Sign Paulescu; Activate Zeigler

49ers Sign Paulescu; Activate Zeigler

Taylor Price | August 22, 2011 at 3:05 PM | Categories: Announcements | URL:
The San Francisco 49ers announced that they have signed P Sam Paulescu and activated WR Dominique Zeigler from the physically unable to perform list. The team also announced they have waived QB Jeremiah Masoli and K Fabrizio Scaccia.
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Gameday Story: Ready to Work

Gameday Story: Ready to Work

Taylor Price | August 22, 2011 at 11:43 AM | Categories: Announcements | URL:

Our first Gameday Magazine of 2011 featured my cover story on the 49ers 2011 draft class. The words, however, really came to life thanks to a classic photo of the bunch taken at a recent training camp practice by team photographer Michael Zagaris.
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

49ers Statement Regarding Candlestick Park

49ers Statement Regarding Candlestick Park

Taylor Price | August 21, 2011 at 7:29 PM | Categories: Announcements | URL:
The following statements were issued from the San Francisco 49ers, the NFL, and San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan on Sunday.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Game Blog: 49ers vs. Raiders

Game Blog: 49ers vs. Raiders

Scott Kegley | August 20, 2011 at 4:22 PM | Categories: Gameday | URL:

The 49ers will play their preseason home opener against the other Bay Area team, the Oakland Raiders. The fact that it is a preseason game hasn't toned down the rivalry for the Battle of the Bay.
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Send in Your Questions for Teddy Football

Send in Your Questions for Teddy Football

Scott Kegley | August 20, 2011 at 11:46 AM | Categories: Teddy Football | URL:
49ers radio broadcaster Ted Robinson is back for the second season of Teddy Football.
I'll speak with Ted before each week's game and he'll answer a few questions from fans. Submit you questions in the comments section of this blog, by using the #TeddyFootball hash tag on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Into Africa with Vernon Davis

Into Africa with Vernon Davis

Taylor Price | August 19, 2011 at 2:48 PM | Tags: Vernon Davis | Categories: Announcements | URL:

Vernon Davis is well-known for his interests outside of football. The 49ers Renaissance man is an avid painter, a company spokesman and a philanthropic footballer, too.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blogging 49ers Stuff

Since I got a few questions I just wanted you to know I am importing the 49ers blog to my blog because well I like the niners, even if they have been sucking  That's all really.

Diet Day 26 Salad

I have decided to eat salad as much as possible.  I bough some Fresh Express 50/50 Mix and that stuff is awesome.  Of course that best part is that salad has almost no calories - I mean you can stuff your face and not have to worry at all about it, until you add salad dressing.  I have been enjoying Ken's Light Cesear at 70 calories per serving (which is 2 Tbsps) it is really tasty and at the same time not that bad for you.  I usually eat a big bowl of salad with two servings of dressing and it only costs me about 150 calories and fills me up.  If I am still hungry I can enjoy a Yoplait yogurt (not the blue kind with aspartame, but the Original kind in the red containers) or even a sandwich.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walker to Attend Hillsborough Concours D’Elegance

Walker to Attend Hillsborough Concours D'Elegance

Scott Kegley | August 17, 2011 at 6:40 PM | Categories: Community | URL:
Car enthusiast and 49ers tight end Delanie Walker will once again be attending the Hillsborough Concours D'Elegance. Walker will be joined 49ers Chairman/Owner John York, 49ers alumni and the Gold Rush girls for a day focused on automotive excellence
Money raised will benefit three local charities including the 49ers Foundation.
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Diet Day 25

Been a while since I posted anything... well I got caught up in life and didn't have much time. Today however I found a brief moment to blog. I mostly want to say I seem to have already hit my first hurdle. Since my last posted weight I haven't gained or lost any more. I have been keeping tabs daily and every morning I am within the same half a pound range. My diet has, as best I can tell, stayed consistently between 1500 and 2000 calories. So I can only assume this means that I need to become more active and/or try to stay closer to that 1500 calories. The thing is I am pretty self conscious as most fat people are and don't want to join a gym due to fear of ridicule. Even if that fear is unfounded. Of course I am also cheap. I also keep blaming the heat for me not wanting to exercise outside. Well, I guess thats just what happens when you are fat, you make excuses. Oh well. Well see what happens...

49ers Sign QB Josh McCown

49ers Sign QB Josh McCown

Scott Kegley | August 17, 2011 at 3:48 PM | Tags: Josh McCown | Categories: Transactions | URL:

The 49ers signed QB Josh McCown to a one-year deal.
McCown (6-4, 213) was originally drafted in the third round (81st overall) by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2002 NFL Draft. He has played in 47 games (31 starts), completing 610 of 1,058 pass attempts for 6,584 yards, 35 touchdowns and 40 interceptions, while adding 127 carries for 569 yards and three touchdowns on the ground.
In 2010, McCown played for the Hartford Colonials of the UFL, completing 114 of 202 pass attempts for 1,463 yards, 10 touchdowns and eight interceptions.
McCown, an eight-year NFL veteran, has played with the Cardinals (2002-05), the Detroit Lions (2006), the Oakland Raiders (2007) and the Carolina Panthers (2008-09).
The 32-year old native of Jacksonville, TX, starred collegiately at Sam Houston State, where he passed for 3,481 yards, 32 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, as a senior.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smith Distances QB Competition

Smith Distances QB Competition

Taylor Price | August 16, 2011 at 6:40 PM | Tags: Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Jim Harbaugh | Categories: Announcements | URL:

If there's any question of a lingering quarterback controversy at 49ers training camp, Jim Harbaugh quieted those concerns on Tuesday when he called Alex Smith's performance his best of training camp.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Twitter Talk: 49ers #FanFest

Twitter Talk: 49ers #FanFest

Scott Kegley | August 15, 2011 at 3:26 PM | Categories: Twitter Talk | URL:

The 8,200 fans who attended 49ers Fan Fest on Sunday were not only able to see the 49ers first-ever practice at The Stick, but experience the new Grand Plaza and get autographs. The response on Twitter was tremendous as fans and players alike shared their #FanFest experience.
Here are some of our favorite tweets from the day.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

49ers Address the Blitz

49ers Address the Blitz

Taylor Price | August 14, 2011 at 9:09 PM | Categories: Announcements | URL:

The 49ers went back to work on Sunday with a clear focus in mind. Two days after allowing six sacks in their preseason loss to the New Orleans Saints, pass protection and blitz pickups were given extra emphasis on a windy day at Candlestick Park.
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49ers Sign TE Nate Lawrie

49ers Sign TE Nate Lawrie

Scott Kegley | August 14, 2011 at 10:14 AM | Categories: Transactions | URL:
The San Francisco 49ers announced they have signed TE Nate Lawrie to a one-year deal.
Lawrie (6-6, 255) was originally drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the sixth round (181st overall) of the 2004 NFL Draft. He has played in 26 games (five starts), registering four receptions for 43 yards. Lawrie has played for Tampa Bay (2004-05), the New Orleans Saints (2005-06) and the Cincinnati Bengals (2007-08), while also spending time with the Philadelphia Eagles (2004, 2010) and Baltimore Ravens (2008).
Lawrie spent two seasons in the UFL, playing for the California Redwoods (2009) and the Sacramento Mountain Lions (2010), recording 26 receptions for 252 yards and one touchdown.
The 29-year old native of Indianapolis, IN, starred collegiately at Yale and, as a senior, set the school record for receptions by a tight end in a single-season with 72.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Game Blog: 49ers at Saints

Game Blog: 49ers at Saints

Scott Kegley | August 12, 2011 at 3:43 PM | Categories: Gameday | URL:
It's finally here 49ers fans...the first game of the 49ers preseason and playing the Saints will be a good test right out of the gates for Jim Harbaugh's team. This is my first trip to New Orleans and the Superdome is definitely a large stadium. Last night we has some delicious gumbo and jambalaya that [...]
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Money again

So, just saying.  I decided to monetize this blog, don't actually intend to make money, but decided to turn on the AdSense and Amazon stuff.  We'll see what happens.  I expect nothing.

Diet Day 21 - Three Weeks Oh My

Well, the only thing I really want to say today is looking back at the nutritional information provided to me by spark people if it wasn't for my One A Day Vitamin I wouldn't really get any of my daily recommended values of any vitamins and minerals.  It really makes me wonder what the hell I am eating.  I mean I suppose the real problem is the good for you food that also provides the vitamins and minerals is too damn expensive.  I mean foods like salmon and asparagus are healthy and delicious, but the grocery store I go to doesn't ever have them on sale so I sure as hell aren't going to buy them.  On the other hand, some of the stuff I eat like lunch meat and american cheese is inexpensive (relatively), but isn't all that great for me at all.  I suppose that a tradeoff needs to occur, but the fact is the good healthy food is too damn high.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diet Day 19

Now that I finally got yesterday's blog update published I am ready to address another topic, breakfast. I think I have talked about breakfast before, but today I want to talk about taste. Can't someone come up with a low calorie great tasting fast and easy to prepare breakfast that is also inexpensive? Don't get me started on cereal bars, to a fat person the box of cereal bars is considered a meal and most of them aren't cheap. I don't mind eating oatmeal, but it can get old really quick. Well I have to finish getting ready for work so more later.

Diet Day 18

Some days dieting is the last thing I want to think about. This is one of those days. I ate too much for dinner, even though I knew it was too much. I think the problem is that I don't have any good support. Dieting alone is so damn hard. When everyone else you know is enjoying or even flaunting their food choices it makes me feel terrible. I don't know why. I suppose too, it pisses me off when people think they're fat and they aren't. Look people, I am fat. I weigh over 320 lbs and have a 48 in waistline. I wear triple X tshirts and my neck size in a collared shirt is a 19. So the next time you think you're fat, ask yourself "Am I really fat, like Ben, or do I just think I am fat because I believe what TV and Magazines say fat is supposed to be. Seriously, if we could make me (at this stage of my diet) the poster boy for Obesity and being fat so people have an accurate comparison. How the hell did I get so off topic? The point is I need to become motivated again or else I will remain on that poster.

As a side note I blog on my droid and blogger is being very irritating by not publishing this post. It has failed over a dozen times...
Oh just saw this on,  guess I have to wait til 8 to post...

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Posted by Brett Wiltshire on Tuesday, August 09, 2011

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Diet Day 17 hunger and exercise

I have decided that this weekend I will start on the exercise thing. The weather is looking better and by that I mean cooler. I think I will start off in the morning with a walk, possibly with Oscar, if he's up to going a mile. Oscar, by the way is also on a diet since well I think he needs to be. He doesn't like his new diet food, but eventually eats it when left with no alternative. I sometimes feel the same way about my food. Although honestly I have not changed what I am eating as much as just eating less of it. My biggest complaint is fresh fruit and vegetables are so awful expensive. I wish I could incorporate a more varied selection into my diet. Although apples, oranges and bananas are good, it would be nice to have some melons, kiwi or grapes. As for vegetables, I eat salad whenever I get the chance, but that isn't every day. I also know that beans and pasta are cheap and filling, but the calories to portion doesn't work out in my favor. The hard part is that I am the only one in the house dieting so sometimes I won't eat what the others are having for dinner, although I am tempted. I am happy to say I haven't had a soda since I started this diet. Now to work on my sweet tea habit. I have unfortunately had some fried foods, but a very limited amount. The point is that I am trying and I will continue.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Diet Day 15

Lost another pound today. Making good progress. Looking forward to the weather cooling off next week so maybe Oscar and I can go for a walk.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Diet Day 14 two weeks in...

So, it has been two weeks since I started this diet and against all odds and possibly all office pools I am still going. August, September and October should be easy, but in November you have Thanksgiving and the start of Egg Nog, which I may have to skip this year. Then of course Christmas with all the cookies and sweets. We will see if I can last. I suppose first I should just keep looking to today and tomorrow. Take each day and make the best of it. I have started off with some good momentum and progress. As long as I can keep myself focused I know I can succeed.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Diet Day 12 Anniversary

No, not the anniversary of my diet, but the anniversary of my marriage. As such I went out to eat and did my best to stay true to my diet, until dessert. We went to BJs Brewshouse which is a relatively new restaurant in Tyler. We split a pizza Margarita (I am not sure if it is spelled the same as the drink) for an appetizer. And I had the pork chops from their light menu of choices under 550 (I could be wrong about the number) calories. I also, might add, had a mojito. The fact is I can't pass up an opportunity to try a mojito. We finished the meal splitting a pizookie which is a deep dish cookie with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. That was what sent me over 2000 calories today.

I should mention the day started off light with my usual oatmeal and tea. For lunch I had taco bueno, thanks to my coworker for buying. I had two chicken soft Tacos without the cheese and a 12 oz strawberry smoothie. All that was just a little bit over 400 calories. So the brunt of my calories were dinner. Anyway after dinner the misses wanted to go shopping, so I am writing this at the mall, as she tries on clothes.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Diet Day 11 1500 calories or why feeling hungry isn't a bad thing

You know I am slowly, but surely getting used to this diet. The hunger pains are not as bad or even noticeable as they were when I started. I think that I can actually eat 1500 calories a day and be content, although that may change when I can start exercising in full force or exercising at all. The heat is less than ideal for someone starting out on the exercise thing. So far, dieting alone has proven more than adequate. The most important thing is drinking water, which curbs my appetite quite well. I am still drinking about 10 cups of water a day. Mostly because of the heat, but it is actually good for me - the water, not the heat.

Diet Day 11 Broke 325

So, today I weighed myself, mostly because I keep forgetting to in the morning. I got on the scale and it said E... it is one of those pesky digital scales that you have to step on at just the right time or it can't weigh you. Anyway the second time it said 324.2 and I was stunned. I had expected maybe a pound or two, but not over 4 since my last weigh in. I think this diet is working. Of course I have no idea how many calories I was eating before. I could have easily eaten three or four thousand calories a day, since I now know how little actually equals 2000 calories. Of course I say little because I am still used to mammoth portions and lots of snacking. Maybe that is why the obesity epidemic is so rampant, you don't realize how much you have had to eat. In the end though it is a persons own responsibility to monitor their eating habits and act accordingly.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Seriously weather?

How is it that at 9 PM the temperature can read 99?

Diet Day 10 sometimes...

So today I woke up rather late and just got to work on time. I didn't get a chance to pack a lunch and my wife offered to come by and have lunch with me. I graciously accepted, but made some bad choices about my meal. Suffice it to say, I am having a sandwich for dinner, thankfully I only had oatmeal and tea for breakfast. Tomorrow I am going to try to stay closer to my 1500 calorie goal. Dieting is not at all easy, which is why so many people fail or give up. The key is having a goal and a reason for changing your life. Motivation is part of the equation and so are determination and perseverance. I personally refuse to believe that any one has to be fat. They might choose it, directly or indirectly, but it is something that can be changed. I plan on proving that to myself.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Diet Day 9

Back to the doldrums of work. However with that comes the consistency of a packed lunch and Breakfast before work. Now, as for the dinner portion of my day, there is still no consistency, but that is why they say variety is the spice of life.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making time for family

An important thing to remember is making time for your family. You are only on the earth for a short while and you need to spend as much of it as you can with family. There is nothing more important than family.

Diet Day 8 water

I have found that water is very important to curbing my hunger. I have been drinking between 8 and 10 cups when bottled spring water is available. I don't care for tap water, so when that is all we have I tend to drink less. Starting this week I plan on really forcing myself to walk and drinking water will be key to me being able to do that. Especially in this weather, when it is supposed to be over 100 every day.

Diet Day 8 Broke 330

Well, the first in a small series of hurdles has been jumped over, so to speak. This morning my starting weight was 329.0 pounds. I am pretty sure since I broke 330 around February of this year I haven't seen a 32# pound number. Now next goal is to break 320 and so forth until I reach 250 which I don't have planned to do until well into next year. This is the first little reward and motivator for me to keep going and I certainly will. I think it may be time to be more conscious about exercise and really make sure I get a mile in and I suppose I need to sit around the house less, which means fewer hours watching TV.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Diet Day 7

So no lunch today, probably because of a late breakfast, and yesterday's over calorie experience.  So today was pasta and imitation crab, but to be frank - I probably should've eaten lunch because I had two helpings of dinner, still around 1500 calories for the day.

I also got a haircut today.  It feels so nice to not have to deal with hair and I personally think it might help me with my weight loss, slightly, but every ounce counts when you're trying to lose weight.  Didn't get around to yard work today, it was too hot and I woke up too late.  Maybe tomorrow I can get some of it done.  I did clean house today.  So, that's something I suppose.  Being sunburnt seems to make you want to not do anything - or so I have found.  Who knows.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Saw a rainbow on the way home, took some pictures...

Diet Day 6 - Everybody has a bad day whem they are dieting

So, today was a bad day. I have surpassed 2000 calories and have not even eaten dinner. Although I am not necessarily hungry. The main culprit was soda. I probably had the equivalent of a 2L of coke or more. Plus I had fries, part of a cheese burger and a funnel cake. In case you are wondering I had the day off today and originally planned on helping Chelsea clean out her class room, but she finished yesterday and since I had already taken the day off we went to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington. I should mention I did try to be good by eating a grilled chicken salad, but I did have thousand Island dressing. Not to mention I ate some of Chelsea's fries, part of her Cheeseburger, and part of her funnel cake. Not to mention I made use of my free refills from my souvenir sports cup, sure I could've gotten a diet coke or something else, but I really felt like coca cola. I do think however all the water play must have burned a few of those calories. If I do eat dinner I will try to keep it small and healthy and make up for it this weekend, trying to stay as close to 1500 calories as possible and doing some yard work. Of course there will also be some cleaning up that also comes with the weekend.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Diet Day 5 Soft Tacos

First I want to say I had two eggs, scrambled for breakfast. They were delicious with a cup of orange juice. Now for dinner we had soft Tacos with chicken and rice. This is a pretty good diet food, if you take it easy or skip the extras all together and have only a little rice. In addition I found some low carb, low fat flour Tortillas which were also surprisingly good for you, compared to the others. Not to mention the fact that they were high in fiber. I enjoyed three plus a cup of rice. Plus I might add without a side of guilt. We'll see what tomorrow and the weekend has in store...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diet Day 4: Seconds

I did a bad thing and went back for seconds. I hit 2000 calories today, almost 2100 to be honest. Now I feel bad. I wasn't trying to, but my hunger got the better of me. It was not even that good of a dinner, just spaghetti with meat sauce. I think I may need to up my water intake to offset my hunger. Well I will have to do better tomorrow. Maybe I can make up for it with some exercise tomorrow. We will see what tomorrow holds.

Diet Day 4

I am getting lunch sick maybe next week I will have more variety. I am going to try eggs for breakfast tomorrow. My hunger isn't getting any better. I don't know how long it will take until I get used to eating less. I am still trying to walk, but I don't know what else to do to exercise. It's so hot outside and not really any room inside. I don't even know any exercises, really. That just shows you how fat and out of shape I am. You know I think it is funny, looking back,  that my brother used to joke that I was a shape, whenever I said I was out of shape. Brothers can be cruel. I know that I took a lot of shit my whole life for being fat. I have had enough. That is why I want to do this.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Diet Day 3

Today was better, I had a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast instead of oatmeal and more beans and rice for dinner. My lunch was exactly the same. I even took a short walk with Oscar this afternoon, about 1/2 mile and in this heat it was not that fun. We'll see what tomorrow has in store.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Diet Day 2

I am hungry. Breakfast and lunch seem so small. I am looking forward to dinner, but also dreading it because I know that will be it for today.
Also my coworkers are jerks. Apparently no one thinks that I can diet or will last this out. Well dammit I am going to try.
I think we're having beans for dinner. Not sure how to feel about that.
On a bright note my new clothes fit remarkably well, although I think I will wear the belt to help keep my shirt tucked in the back. I need to figure out how to be more active at work. I think I need to do more stuff outside of the office.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 1 Post Dinner

So after inputting everything into sparkpeople I have only consumed slightly less than 1600 calories today.  I don't know how to feel about this except hungry.

Diet Day 1 Endomondo Sports Tracker

So I was thinking, since I want to start off slow and walk I need to make sure that I can keep track of it. I found Endomondo Sports Tracker in the android market. It uses a gps to monitor my distance as well as a timer to see how long I have been going. I input my weight and tell it what I am doing and it even estimates the calories expended. I did a quick 1/3rd mile around my coldesac and it got it all, even with the phone in my front pocket. This will be a very useful tool.

Diet Day 1 grocery shopping

I purchased groceries earlier this morning. I bought some oranges, bananas, apples and carrots. I plan on incorporating these items into my lunch. Most likely I will still eat a sandwich of some sort.

I also ate some oatmeal for breakfast. It is Quaker Oats High Fiber Maple and Brown Sugar. Only has 160 calories and is delicious. I am going to try to eat this for breakfast everyday this week, with some Orange Juice.

Now for dinner, it looks like rice, beans or pasta with chicken. Maybe some frozen veggies, like broccoli or brussel sprouts.

The key to my diets success, however, will be portion control. This is something I just don't really have at all and will need to work on. Well that's all for now. More later.

Diet Day 1 Morning

Trying to take it slow today, so the first thing on my agenda is to make a shopping list and go shopping.
As I said earlier I am going to try to incorporate my fresh fruit and vegetables into my diet.  I think I am going to weigh myself every day and keep that logged and also my food choices so I can monitor my calories.  I will probably be using spark people again, I like their website and they also have an android app.
I don't know much else at this point, but I will be keep a regular log of my progress because I think it will help me stay on track.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Diet Day 0

So I haven't actually gone on a diet yet, but I have good reason too.  Today I purchased $104 worth of new clothes and because I am cheap I consider that a lot of money.  I bought three pants, two shirts, and a belt (not sure why I bought a belt). I then came home and went through my closet trying on every piece of clothes hanging in my closet today.  A lot didn't fit any more and I threw it all in the tub - I now have a bathtub full of clothes.  I am likely going to give everything that isn't torn to goodwill or something like that because its still good clothes, I just can't wear it.
I have to say that buying clothes when you're fat is a chore, and an uncomfortable one at that especially if you're like me and want to avoid the big and tall specialty stores.  I will say I bought my clothes at Walmart mostly because they were cheap and still carry my size.  I have found that most Walmart stores go up to a size 50 pant and 4x shirt in store and even higher on their website.  I currently only have to wear a 48 and a 3x but that alone is enough for me to worry.  I used to shop at other stores like Target and Old Navy but their stores don't really go past a 44 and buying clothes online is so hit and miss.
Anyway, I was going through my closet and decided to clean it up and I tried on everything, every pair of pants, every shirt, every jacket, every sweater - everything that was currently hanging in there.  I think after all was said and done I got rid of 3 or 4 pairs of pants and over a dozen shirts.  I also got rid of an Old Navy winter coat (not that I really need that in Texas) and two suit jackets.  I also decided to go through my shoes and got rid of three pairs I never wore anymore.
I know have a lot of a less clothes which is okay, I managed to keep all of my clothes on the smallest shelf in our closet now.  I was surprised however by all the clothes that still fit.  There was a lot.  I think I have maybe 6 or 7 pants now and maybe half a dozen short sleeved shirts and a dozen long sleeve shirts.  Plus I managed to keep two dress jackets that still fit and several sweater vests.
All of this got me thinking that I need to start losing it - and by it I meant weight.  I can't just keep buying new clothes when the old stuff stops fitting, who can afford that?  Frankly I am also fearful for my health.  I mean, I am now 25 years old, almost 26 and I weigh somewhere in the ballpark of 335 pounds.  I don't think my body is going to tolerate that much more.  I don't want to end up with Type two diabetes (although I am guessing I might get when I get older) and I certainly don't want to have a heart attack or stroke.
I have a family to take care of and I want to be there for them.  Especially my little girl.  I know it is extremely clich├ęd to say this, but I want to make sure I am there to walk my daughter down the aisle and see my grandchildren when that time comes.
So I have decided to go on a full blown diet, no excuses.  I am not going to eat out for lunch at work anymore, but instead pack something from the house and that's all I am going to eat.  I am going to eat Breakfast - skipping it doesn't really seem to help me any.  I am going to avoid fried foods and soda.  I am also going to practice portion control.  I am only going to, where possible, eat a labeled portion of whatever it is I am eating.  I am also going to try to incorporate my fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet, even if they are expensive.  I need to make these good choices now so I can teach my daughter that these are the choices she needs to make too.
I suppose to I need to start exercising, which I am going to start slow.  I mean I am terribly out of shape and sweat profusely doing anything in this heat.  I will likely start out just walking around the neighborhood, possibly with Oscar (my dog) who could stand to lose a few as well, and he like to walk so it will be good for the both of us.

Friday, July 15, 2011

SCCM 2007 SP2 and disjoint namespace

I came across this Technet post and it described my problem to a T
Then I found this near the bottom!
So after downloading the file - I am currently attempting an install - then I will run a new system discovery!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Migrating Sharepoint from Server 2003 to Server 2008 R2 - what fun.  The stupid thing is, my org only uses it for a calendar, nothing else, nothing at all.  So I decided to look and noticed first that our system was running Sharepoint services 2.0 - I upgraded it 3.0.  That was pretty straight forward.  Then  I moved the content database from the Windows Internal Database to SQL Server 2008.  Now I need to figure out how to move this one calendar on Sharepoint Services 3.0 on the old Windows Server 2003 box to Sharepoint Foundation 2010 on Server 2008 R2.  I think - all though I could be wrong - I just have to make the database read only - setup a calendar identically on the new server and point the content databse on the system to the read only database and make it read/write again. Of course, I guess I have to remove it from the old system then.  Then I am sure I have some DNS settings I have to change as well.  I don't know.  The whole thing is complicated to me.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SCCM 2007 Boy you suck

So I wanted to migrate our Forefront Security Clients to Endpoint Protection.  However, they want you to install that blasted SCCM.  Why does Microsoft want to make things so complicated?  After installing it I had to install various hotfixes and other random stuff just to get it going.  Seriously?  then I have to wait for the thing to discover my computers.  Hopefully once I actually deploy the clients things will go smoothly from here.  I don't have plans on using SCCM for anything other than Forefront, but that may change if the software actually works.

I will say on a side note, migrating my WDS from Server 2003 to Server 2008 R2 was far less complicated than I had assumed it would be.  Although I am guessing I will need to recreate my boot images, which isn't that bad a thing.  I need to reconfigure some network settings and then start testing.  In either case I am replacing a system that is several years old and past its prime, so I am happy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lawn Work

So, lawn work is hard, especially when you don't have time to do it.  I have been edging my lawn for the first time since last summer, but I have so much yard and so little time that I have been working on it since Monday.  I did my whole front yard on Sunday.  I did around the side of the house on Monday.  I did the left side of my fence line on Tuesday.  I did the back part of the fence line today and will finish the last of the fence tomorrow night.  However, then I have to mow and still need to edge around this play set in  the back yard.  Not bad for only working 15 minutes at a time.  I think by the end of the day on Saturday I will be completely finished.  I am just glad I have a really long extension cord, well actually I have two extension cords.  One is 50 ft and the other is 20 ft.  That way I can go all the way from the plug to to corners of my yard.  Yeah, I have one of those plug-in weed eaters/edgers.  It was the cheapest one I could find.  I am a cheap person and I was looking for something that would get the job done for as little as possible.  So far it has lasted a whole year, and I have only bought one spool of replacement string, so I would say it was a pretty good purchase.  Well, this is enough of my boring life.  Good night everybody.