Sunday, August 01, 2010

Toy Story 3

It was good.  Saw it at a matinee this morning.  Have to say 6.50 for a matinee ticket is a bit high Carmike.  Anyway it was a pretty good movie.  It does make one feel old.  I remember I was like 10 or so when the first one came out.  I have to say though what disappointed me were the previews.  Now being a kids movie all the previews were children oriented, but what bothered me was everything was "IN 3D".  Seriously shut up with the 3D noneses.  Not one of these films was shot in 3D.  They all have a few scenes of 3D rendering but should hardly be worth the $3 3D surchage I have to pay at the theatre.  If you're going to label a movie as "3D" I want EVERY SINGLE FRAME to be in 3 Dimensions.  Not just when something is flying by or jumping or blowing up.  By the way I saw Toy Story 3 in its non 3D version and I thought that was adequately sufficient. I don't think I really missed anything.  I have to say the story was pretty good and the little Night and Day Featurette at the beginning was cool.