Saturday, April 03, 2010

Well I read through Chaper 1

I finished Chapter 1 the first day and haven't ready any since then, well I did read half of chapter 2, but fell asleep before I finished. I have to say I didn't learn too much I didn't already know, but there were a few small things in there that I didn't previously know, but well there are lots of things I don't know, so it isn't too much of a suprise is it?
For instance you can make any directory or directories locally or on a network share into a library for all files or any specific file type. Its actually pretty neat.
The other interesting thing is VHD boot. You can add a line to the bootload to load a VHD file as though it were a locally installed operating system. This could be useful for lab environments.
That was pretty much it for Chapter 1. I think I'll get through chapter 2 today and post what I find sometime later. So far I like this book. I just don't know if every chapter will be easy to read without yawning.