Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Aftermath - Day 2

Day 2 Was Busy

First of all we took down all the bulletin boards, except 1 and put fabric up and replaced the borders.

I think it looks much better, don't you?

Oh and I put together all kinds of furniture. Garment rack? No, silly this is a pocket chart holder or something like that.

Storage - can't have too much of that

Nice yellow fabric with a blue trim.

Removed the border hot glued to the board, still dirty, unfortunately.

The other board is a checkered blue and white fabric with yellow trim. That is where the calendar will go.

Snap together storage cubes - what a pain

A table top chalk board, this will come in handy.

Oh what's that a whiteboard on the other side, wow!!

A stacked cart - that will hold a lot of stuff

Storage bins, those look familiar, hey my clothes were in there this morning...

Cubbyholes clean!!

Why is there a door in our room? Hey that cart looks neat.

2 Wooden bookshelves - so many nails

The library center will make good use of these.

More snap together cubes in the closet holding everything.