Friday, June 27, 2008


It is now officially summer, for about 7 days now, or a week I suppose. A lot has happened since the semester ended. Now I am still working up at the CS Lab, which is a pretty nice job. However we are out of that rat hole called Varsity Place, although I don't know if even rats would want to live there. Our new place is great. Huge, and everything is new, plus it is all in the shade, mostly. It's also downstairs, sure we have annoying loud people upstairs who apparently wear hiking boots or some kind of metal exoskeleton because they don't just walk they stomp all over the place.

Side note, I am listening to Pandora right now, totally cool music. Check it out at, they basically let you listen to whatever you want for free. It is hard to concentrate because at this moment I am listening to Kiss, Rock and Roll all Nite, and I can't stop singing and it is really messing with my typing, good thing for backspace.

Ok, its done.

I have lots of pictures I want to post, however I need to get them off my microSD card first. So maybe this weekend I'll post some entries.

Oh, well besides that I also got Lego Indiana Jones for the PC. I love it, haven't played that much, but so far totally cool game.

Oh yeah, back to apartment, we finally got a coffee table, a cheap one from Walmart, the Parsons coffee table essentially just a flat thick piece of wood that has been painted black and four legs, also painted black that you just screw into the bottom of the table. Easy to setup and it actually looks decent.

It sort of looks like this one, although this one is actually leather, why anyone would want a leather coffee table I don't understand at all. Seriously.

Other than that I don't have too much to say, except NICE cliffhanger as it were regarding BSG. Revelations was a good episode and I am curious anyone knows what city that was supposed to represent. I've heard everything from New York to London to D.C., but frankly I suppose it is equally plausible to be a made up city.